Energy and Environment

Energy is crucial to economic development. Energy prices in the Caribbean are amongst the highest in the world, having a crippling effect on industry, businesses and households of the region. The energy economies of the Caribbean have particularities which make the Caribbean energy situation unique: high dependence on imported oil resources, relatively small markets, largely centralised energy production and distribution, outdated energy generation equipment and significant electricity theft in some countries, and a relative abundance of renewable energy resources. The Energy thematic area explores the particularities and difficulties faced by Caribbean energy economies and challenge the status quo with a view to achieving a viable energy sector in support of economic advancement.


Energy Tools & Databases



Central to the Energy Thematic is a 3-year renewable energy programme led by CaPRI and funded by the European Union (EU) and University of the West Indies. The programme aims to accelerate private investment in renewable energy (RE), by providing tools to policy-makers, businesses and energy consumers alike to facilitate energy-related investment decisions.Caribbean businesses and energy consumers, can use the Technology Assessment Calculator to size and cost RE systems to meet their energy needs.


Energy consumers, businesses and project developers can search the RE Financing Database to identify appropriate financing for RE projects, large and small. Our Policies database and Incentives database provide information on incentives available for RE investments in our target countries.


Policy-makers, can access the RE Socio-Economic Analysis Tool to analyse and quantify the extent to which RE programmes contribute to wider socio-economic benefits such as job creation, energy independence and greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Our RE success stories  also give insight as to RE policies and frameworks which have worked in other countries having similar energy economies and renewable energy resource base.


The main targets countries of the programme are Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, and St. Kitts and Nevis, yet many outputs will be applicable for the Caribbean region as a whole.

Discover RE policies, programmes and initiatives that have worked in other countries of similar energy resource base and energy-economic conditions to the Caribbean.