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August 2018


Energy is crucial to economic development. Energy prices in the Caribbean are amongst the highest in the world, having a crippling effect on industry, businesses and households of the region.

Social Issues

Not unlike populations across the globe, the people of the Caribbean aspire to achieving not least: a safe living environment, a life free from gender biases and other prejudices,and improved access to basic services. This thematic area addresses the Caribbean’s most challenging social issues including crime, poverty, healthcare, education and unemployment. Addressing these issues contributes to the development of an adequate social safety net, reducing poverty and increasing the standard of living of Caribbean people. 

The Economy

The Economics thematic area provides information for public and private actors to contribute to wealth creation and economic growth; it supports policy decisions in fiscal policy, monetary policy, infrastructure development, the business environment, and debt management.


Good governance, or the “process of creating and sustaining an environment for inclusive and responsive political processes and settlements”, is critical to regional growth and development (UNDP, 2011). The thematic area of Governance explores how Caribbean governments should manage their countries’ resources in delivering public services efficiently and effectively, ensuring accountability and transparency. This is critical if the Caribbean public is to regain confidence in political and administrative authorities and the decisions taken in managing the region’s affairs.