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The Public Sector Transformation and Modernisation Unit (PSTMU) is an arm within the Office of the Cabinet that is geared towards creating a more capable and effective public sector by removing bureaucratic processes that add no value; centring operations on citizens’ needs; and being more economical in its operations.

On March 1, 2018 Dr Damien King, Executive Director – CAPRI and Desiree Phillips, Research Officer – CAPRI met with Veniece Pottinger-Scott, Director General- PSTMU, Wayne Robertson, Principal Director – PSTMU, and Michele Gordon-Somers, Modernisation Specialist - Office of the Cabinet at a follow-up meeting to discuss collaboration between CAPRI and the Office of the Cabinet in the implementation of the Citizen Feedback Monitoring program (CFMP). Following the initial meeting between CAPRI and the PSTMU on Friday November 3, 2017, CAPRI’s proposal to collaborate with the government to implement the Citizen Feedback Monitoring Programme (CFMP) was brought to the attention of the Cabinet Secretary.

Several issues and questions were raised by PSTMU such as funding, technical implementation, timeframe and the integration of CFMP into Jamaica’s public-sector customer service plan.
It was agreed that CAPRI would provide guidance on the implementation of the pilot and would also seek funding for this initiative. It was recommended that a technical consultant from the pioneers of this technology be sought to resolve the technical implementation/methodological aspect of the program. This would require a trip to Pakistan by members of CAPRI and the PSTMU.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between CAPRI and the Office of the Cabinet.