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CAPRI Recommends Citizen Feedback Monitoring Program For Public Agencies

With corruption being a serious problem around the world, several countries have been pursuing more creative ways to address the problem by using non-traditional approaches and including more technology in the process.
CAPRI explored several anti-corruption innovations around the world including Online Anonymous Reporting Websites/Applications that have been adapted by India, Sierra Leone, Hungary, Kenya, Pakistan and Greece; the use of a Political and Campaign Financing Database in Argentina as an effort to combat the pervasive corruption in politics; the employment of a Joint Advocacy Initiative in Czech Republic in an effort to tackle grand corruption; and the use of a Citizens’ Information and Accountability Forum in Pakistan.
During consultation with several anti-corruption institutions in Jamaica, it was found that a major downfall of the innovations they currently use is a lack of data collection which is necessary to assess their effectiveness. Therefore, initiatives that will be used in the country should allow for clear target-setting, quantification of results, be cost-effective, sustainable, and technologically inspired as this may spur on the uptake by the public. With those criteria in mind, CAPRI recommends the Citizen Feedback Monitoring Program (CFMP) as the most suitable anti-corruption innovation for public agencies in Jamaica.
The CFMP is a feedback gathering mechanism originating from the Government of Punjab and the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). It seeks feedback from citizens who utilize public services (driving license issuance, property registration etc.) by following up with a robocall and automatic SMS. Citizens answer a brief survey about the experience using the relevant public service, which helps the government entity identify inefficiencies, including instances of bribery.
CAPRI therefore set up a meeting with the heads of a number of government agencies, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology, from USAID, and Executive Director of the National Integrity Action, Prof. Trevor Munroe, to discuss the proposed innovation. With the feedback received, CAPRI is now working on putting together a detailed proposal, to bring forward to the Public Sector Transformation and Modernization Unit of the GoJ.