Stop Sugar-Coating The Crime Problem

In a June 2021 report, the Caribbean Policy Research Institute included a 2014 study of 1,185 adolescents in Jamaica that “found that approximately 15 per cent displayed depression and anxiety symptoms. Estimates by specialists in the field state that 160,000 or 20 per cent of Jamaican children have a mental disorder, and 40,000, or five per cent, have serious mental disorders. Another survey done in 2019, which assessed broader indicators of mental and emotional well-being, showed that 45 per cent of adolescents in Jamaica had consistently experienced anxiety symptoms ranging from feelings of nervousness, restlessness, worry, and annoyance. Sixty per cent of children in state care exhibit psychosocial problems, and 76 per cent exhibit maladjusted behaviours, including social withdrawal, aggression, and suicidal tendencies.”