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The Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CAPRI) is a not-for-profit, public policy think tank dedicated to the production and dissemination of impartial, evidence-based knowledge to inform economic, governance, sustainable and social policy decision-making in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. CAPRI works to promote informed dialogue on socio-economic development, working with a vision of the Caribbean in which decision-making in public policy and the private sector is based on relevant information grounded in verifiable evidence. Policy-making by informed decision-makers in the presence of an enlightened public, with transparency, will improve the quality of decision-making. We are convinced that better, more informed public policy will promote inclusive, sustainable economic growth in Jamaica and the Caribbean. 

CAPRI’s mission, therefore, is to provide quality research in an accessible manner to policy-makers, their constituents and the public to inform a constructive debate around critical social, economic, and developmental issues facing the region.

CAPRI makes its impact through the execution of sound research along with widespread, accessible dissemination of its key findings, together with visible advocacy. We make our research findings available by way of reports that are targeted to the public, as well as more detailed papers that are geared towards specialists and policy makers. We explore different aspects of situations with the aim of bringing a comprehensive perspective and solutions to the most pressing developmental issues of the day. Our subject matters may be thematic or sectoral, but they are all pertinent to the question of how can Jamaica, and other Caribbean countries, make progress towards fulfilling its social and economic development potential.