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What is CAPRI

The Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CAPRI) is an economics focused think tank, which is a first for the Caribbean region. The reports produced by CAPRI have included studies on: Corruption in Jamaica, Jamaica's Foreign Policy, the Impact of Hurricane Dean, and Informal Investment Schemes in Jamaica and Educational Reform in Jamaica.

The Caribbean Policy Research Institute is also dedicated to the involvement and utilization of the intellectual resources of Caribbean youth and the diaspora. CAPRI has relied on our young but experienced network to produce quality work which is changing the inputs and even content of the policy process in the Caribbean. The flexibility of the collaborative network approach also facilitates the input of the Diaspora, without relocation to the Caribbean, though CAPRI does offer visiting fellowships. This structure also facilitates the input of international consultants and experts allowing for an international, intergenerational and Caribbean perspective to CAPRI's Research.