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Status of Approval/Implementation: 
Year Completed: 
Inclusion of Quantified RE targets?: 
RE Targets & Timelines: 
Proportion of energy consumption from RE resourced: 10% by 2012; 20% by 2026.
Overall Policy Objectives: 
The policy sets forth a number of objectives, and a Strategic framework aligned with achieving these objectives. The objectives include: Provision of adequate and affordable energy to all sectors of society; Energy efficiency in production, storage, distribution and end-use; Reduced dependence on fossil fuels and development of renewable energy technologies (RETs); Implementation of regulation, economic and market-oriented approaches to promote competition in petroleum and electricity sectors and promotion of best practice (industrial and environmental); Promotion of research and development in energy efficiency, oil and gas exploration and RET; Increased exploration and use of oil and gas resources; Enhanced private sector participation in the energy sector.
Source of Information: 

"The Ministry of Energy and the Environment, Energy Policy Committee (2006). Barbados National Energy Policy (Draft). Dec., 2006. Available at:"